Saturday, January 1, 2011

Right combination and proportion of food

Everthing absorbed by five sense like mouth ( food, water), nose
(breath, smell), ear (chanting, sweet music), skin( sunlight) , eys (
nature) is food. When we consume food in inadequate amounts, it
increase production of toxin whoch is harmful for our body. Having
rigjt food is the intial step for achiveving healyhy life. But just
havin right fud is nt enough , right combinatin , proportion of food
is also inmportant for an individual.
Most of the desease are a sesult of inedicute food or not having fud
in proper manner.
Specific fud nutitiove value is decided
, Depening on its taste and atribute.
Ayurveda has three main focuses: healing, prevention and health care.
This medical science is method of personalising food for each person '
healing process.
Ayurveda style cooking is a rational way to prepare food keeping in
mind the dietary need of an individual based on diff body type.
Ayurveda categorises fud in to three categories:
1) Satvic fud
2)Rajasic fud
3)Tamasic fud
These type of food have differnt affect on the body and mind.
1) Sattva :-
Sattva is a quality of mind which induces clarity, harmony n balance.

Satvic fud :-
The following fud promotes satva
Fresh fruit n vegetables, salads, fresh fruit juices, cereals, herbal
tea, fresh cow milk, dry fruits,nuts, honey, all spices and frshly
cooked food.

2) Rajas:I
A quality of mind which induces energy and action. The need to create.
Rajastic food;-
The followin
Ready to eat canned food, basmati rice, saour cream, paneer,
ice-cream, yeast,sugar, picles, vinegar, garlic, onion and salted fud.

Tamas: tamas is a quality of mind which evokes darkness, innertia,
resistence and grounding. The need to stop.
The following fud
Alchohol, beef,chicken, fish,pork, eggs, frozen food, microwaveed
food,mushroom, drugs, tea, coffee, fried food, fried nuts.

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