Thursday, June 30, 2011

Importance of Aloe Vera For home first aid

Aloe Vera
Easily grown and very decorative, the aloe plant provides a quick and
certain relief for many minor burns. At the barbecue or a kitchen stove, any
first or second degree burn can be soothed with pain rapidly relieved by the
juice expressed from the aloe vera leaf . Usually a simple house plant, the aloe
grows in warm humid climates, and is cultivated beside the outdoor barbecue
of most Hawaiian residences. However you must keep this things in mind while using the aloevera:-

  1. Aloe Vera leafs must be used within 1 hour or it will oxidized  loose its power.
  2. Aloe Vera has  300 varieties (11 are poisonous  285 have 0-15% nutritional value and 4 are potent. Out of these 4 ALOE BARBADENSIS MILLER is well known for its 100% nutritional values’
  3. The Aloe Vera plant needs 3 to 4 years to get mature
• Mix 1 tsp of turmeric with 1 tsp of aloe gel and apply to burnt area
  Make a paste of fresh gel of aloe-vera with a pinch of turmeric powder. Adding one 1-2 grams of ghee   or coconut oil to this paste makes it more effective. This paste can be applied to the burnt area.

Menstrual Cramps
Take one tablespoon of aloe-vera gel and mix in half a gram of black pepper powder. Such a mixture can be
taken 2-3 times during the day or until the cramps disappear.

At times a topical application of vitamin E, aloe vera, or the
healing effect of oxygen administered with a plastic bag around the foot can
help to promote more rapid healing.

Skin infections:-
Skin infections can respond to charcoal mixed with water, and applied as
a poultice. Water and activated charcoal are stirred until the consistency is
that of a thick cream. The mixture can be “geled” with boiled flax seed, aloe
vera gel, or agar, then poured onto a piece of cotton flannel. This pack is
placed directly over the area of inflammation, covered with a piece of plastic,
and finally secured with tape. You should change the poultice every 6 to 8
hours or when it becomes dry. This natural adsorbing agent will reduce pain
and inflammation in cases of cellulitis, bruises, and superficial burns. When
properly used such a simple, inexpensive, and harmless medicine will save
many lives.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home remedies : Asthama

Asthama :- Make a glass of juice by adding 2/3 glass of carrot juice and 1/3 glass of spinach juice. Take it thrice a day for asthma relief.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home remedies : Home Remedies for Liver Problems

Home Remedy for Liver Problems

1.    Dandelion is one of the most popular herbal Home Remedy for Liver Problems. Prepare this dandelion home remedy by boiling roots of dandelion in a glass of water for about 10 minutes. Apart from healing Liver Problems, this therapeutic decoction is also useful in the natural detoxification of the liver.

2.    Chicory, milk thistle, jaundice berry, Indian Aloe, turmeric, licorice and other similar herbs are also regarded as excellent liver Home Remedy.

3.    Regularly having spearmint juice mixed with sugar for ten days is one of the most valuable natural cures for Liver Problems causing liver enlargement.

4.    Consuming orange juice extracted from two oranges is highly beneficial in reducing Liver Problems naturally. This liver care natural remedy should be followed daily on an empty stomach for at least five to seven days.

5.    Boil the leaves and stems of white radish in water and have this decoction on a regular basis to cure Liver Problems at home. Sugar candy can also be added in this solution to improve the taste.

6.    Having a cup of buttermilk mixed with some roasted and powdered cumin seeds and a pinch of salt is one of the best Home Remedy for Liver Problems natural treatment.

7.    Having a mixture of one teaspoon of lime juice mixed with papaya seed extract on a regular basis helps to avoid Liver Problems considerably.

8.    Regularly drinking a combination of carrot juice and spinach juice mixed in equal quantities is a tried and tested natural remedy for Liver Problems. Continue this Liver home treatment for at least three to four weeks to get encouraging results.

9.    Having a decoction prepared by boiling three to four sacred fig leaves in about 250 grams of water is a valuable herbal cure for getting rid of Liver Problems like Cirrhosis of Liver.

Home remedies : Alcoholism

Alcoholism:-  Apples are also very helpful in removing intoxication and reduce the craving for wines and other intoxicating liquors.