Wednesday, January 19, 2011

home remedies : Get rid of that smell

Get rid of that smell

Some household items can help rid the air of bad odour

    While room fresheners keep your surroundings smelling pleasant, they may also end up giving you a headache or an allergic reaction. Do not fret, use these natural methods to rid the air of those bad smells...

• Baking soda is a great way of soaking up food smells in your refrigerator. It also helps absorbing smells from garbage cans, drains, carpets, smelly shoes and musty cars before you clean them.

• Diluted white vinegar is useful in scrubbing kitchens, bathrooms and while washing windows and hardwood floors. If you burnt something while cooking,
use white vinegar to remove the smell. Pour some in a bowl and leave it on a table for a couple of hours.

• Is your kitchen sink letting out a bad odour? Take a lemon or an orange, cut it and leave it in your sink. Even leaving cut up lemons in your bathroom or kitchen will keep the place smelling pleasant.

• Closed spaces often start smelling musty after a while. Take a cloth pouch and add some dried coffee grounds in it. Place this in your wardrobe. You could also put this in your freezer to absorb bad smells.

• While home remedies are a good way to get rid of unwanted odours, experts say one of the best ways to eliminate smells is just by opening a window. Letting the air circulate is a great way to rid your house of bad smells.

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