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Joint Pains (Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout)

Joint Pains (Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout)
  • Squeeze half a lime (lemon) in one glass of hot water (as hot as you can drink) and drink it. Have this 8-10 times a day. Having lemon juice might seem like a contradiction to what you have always believed that sour things are bad for joint pains but the action of lemon in the body is alkaline and its rich vitamin C content is valuable in the treatment of joint pains. Initially for a few days you might feel that the pain is increasing but gradually it decreases. 
  • On an empty stomach  in the morning drink Aloe Vera Gel( not aloe Vera juice).For best results, you can try our Forever freedom an aloe Vera product.
  • A diet of only bananas for 3-4 days is advised. You can have 8-9 bananas a day.
  • Make a tea from papaya seeds and have 6-7 cups a day for at least 2 weeks.
  • Have 1-2 garlic (lasan) cloves or 1 garlic (lasan), which has only 1 clove in a pod, first thing in the morning.For best result you can try our Forever Living Garlic Thyme
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of dry amla powder with 2 teaspoon of jaggery (gur) and have it twice daily for a month.
  • Regularly massage with neem oil. Take a handful of fresh neem leaves. Grind them in the mixer. Strain. Add lemon juice and drink 1-2 times a day on an empty stomach (people prone to acidity should not have this).
  • Take equal quantities of asparagus seeds (shatavari), black cumin seeds (shah jeera), fenugreek (methi daana) seeds and carom seeds (ajwain). Powder and take one half teaspoon every morning.
  • Combine 6 teaspoons each of ginger (adrak) and caraway seed (shah jeera) along with 3 teaspoon of black peppercorns (saboot kali mirch) and grind into a fine powder. Have one half teaspoon with water twice daily.
  • Soak 1-2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi daana) in a cup of curd overnight. Eat in the morning on an empty stomach or soak 1-2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi daana) in 1 cup water overnight. Drink the water first thing in the morning and also eat the methi seeds.
  • On an empty stomach have 3-4 walnuts (akhrot) or fresh coconut for a few days. 

Forever Living Products that may prevent and beneficial for Gout

Forever Aloe Berry nectar (Contains SUGAR)
-cranberry helps to reduce crystallization in urinary tract
-cranberry helps to maintain urinary health, promot smooth excretion of urine
- anthraquine complex from aloe helps to reduces inflammation and swelling

Forever Aloe Vera Gel (Contains NO Sugar)
Use it instead of Forever Aloe Berry Nectar, in case you are Diabetic

Forever Royal Jelly
-rich in Vitamin B, Royal Jelly contains B5 that helps prevent uric acid crystalization

Forever Artic Sea
-EPA helps in controlling inflamation at joints and reducing pain

Forever Absorbent C
-Vitamin C appeared to have the ability to lower the level of uric acid in the blood
-Vitamin C may affect the re-absorption of uric acid by the kidneys, and also increases the speed at which the kidneys work or protect against inflammation

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