Thursday, January 27, 2011

home remedies : Constipation For Small Children

Constipation For Small Children
  • Soak 6-8 raisins (kishmish) in hot water (depending on the age). When cool, crush well and strain. When given routinely even to little infants, it helps to regulate bowel movement (however care should be taken - so as not to give too much otherwise the child will get loose motions.)
  • Consumption of 6-8 apricots (khurmani) a day or 2-3 cucumbers (kheera) a day or 1-2 bananas a day is also very useful.
  • Vegetables like carrots, radish, spinach, cabbage or roughage creating things should be consumed. Instead of juice always opt for eating the fruit.
  • Whole wheat flour should be used and processed foods (maida, cheese, confectionery) should be avoided.
  • Taking 2-3 teaspoon of isabgol in milk or warm water either first thing in the morning or at bed time is very beneficial.
  • Mix one half teaspoon honey to one half - 1 cup warm water and have it 2-3 times a day. 
  • If a child is new born,  Mother should drink aloe Vera gel in morning and give mother feed it wills in child constipation issue.

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