Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home remedies:- To get an inner glow here are some do's

1. Begin drinking vegetable juices made from tomatoes,spinach,dudhi or
bottle gourd, mint, coriander they help to detoxify the
body,clear up skin and also eliminates body odour.freshly squeezed
orange juices is great for skin,hair and also provides lots of easy to
digest condensed nutrients to your body.
2. Include at least 3-4 fruits in the diet as speed up the detox
process and increase energy levels.
3. In case of acne, follow a low fat diet with no more than two
teaspoons of added oil while preparing a meal.
4. Include at least 40-45gms of protein in the diet such as fish, egg
white and dairy products.
5. Drink coconut water as least twice a week as it is good for
skin,digestive system and also works wonder for hair.

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