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Monday, June 28, 2010

Home remedies for Acidity

Acidity is very common for Spicy food lovers. The home remedies for the same is given below:-

1) Eating A slice of Papaya and Aloe Vera Gel help in acidity. Aloe Vera juice contains some anti-inflammatory fatty acids that alkalize digestive juices and prevent over acidity

2)Take a tiny piece of Jaggery (Gur) every hour and just keep it in the mouth, slowly suck (do not chew or swallow it) it till it acidity subsides.
3)Drink Coconut water 3-4 times a day when you feel like thirsty.

4) If you having a spicy meal, have a plate full of watermelon (tarbooz) and cucumber( kheera) with your food.
5)Harad juice , 1-2 teaspoon daily after meals is very effective in controlling acidity.The juice can be mixed with equal amount of Amla juice for better results in high acidity.
6)Chewing a piece of Harad is an age old remedy.

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